Nowhere Road

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2010.01.20 After Christmas bargains sometimes more than they seem 567
2009.12.30 2009 a big year for Camaros, rutabagas, kookaburras and cats 608
2009.12.16 As seen on TV gadgets fight for Christmas supremacy 508
2009.12.02 Would 10-year-old donuts get me a reality show? 507
2009.11.18 Deer in the roadway may be least of worries 541
2009.11.04 Bad comics survive death of pop culture leader 533
2009.10.21 Cookie-starved professors latest victims of slow economy 603
2009.10.07 Is it too late to start lying about my age? 509
2009.09.23 Where is Miss Manners when we need her most? 540
2009.09.10 Avoid the fair crowds and visit a lonely local cow 590
2009.08.26 My dream life is way less boring than my real one 511
2009.08.12 There's more than one way to create a clunker 592
2009.07.29 Lots more trash where that one came from 577
2009.07.15 I went to Hell and survived to tell 595
2009.07.01 How much news can happen in one week? 548
2009.06.17 Digital television comes to my analog world 555
2009.06.03 "Miracle Teddy" joins childhood bear in my fantasy world 570
2009.05.20 It's not quite Carmageddon 619
2009.05.06 Visit to motorized hot dog crosses one off list 618
2009.04.22 Cigarettes and Texans united to save us $$$$$ 637
2009.04.08 Looking back on a interesting summer in the factory 534
2009.03.25 Death by Peep 600
2009.03.11 Warning to readers: Annoyed consumer vents spleen 636
2009.02.25 DTV probably stands for disgruntled television victims 634
2009.02.11 I'm feeling as old as my gadget-free geezermobile 592
2009.01.28 Maybe comedy will survive the new administration after all 598
2009.01.14 All of a sudden, my opinion seems to matter 617
2008.12.31 A less-than-appetizing end to a really long year 588
2008.12.17 Gifts for every taste, and those without any 580
2008.12.04 Do you think Axl Rose wants to be a Pepper? 603
2008.11.19 Watching my life fly past not a big thrill 539
2008.11.05 A nearly political-free column for your approval 543
2008.10.22 A few hours of fall fun in the Thumb 660
2008.10.08 A memory or two of Paul Newman 687
2008.09.24 New invention ready to separate brainless from their money 660
2008.09.10 Should it stay or should it go? 613
2008.08.27 How about a class action against stupidity? 662
2008.08.13 Help, I've fallen and my shoe doesn't really car 817
2008.07.30 Has anybody seen the Prize Patrol Van? 920
2008.07.16 Another tale from the chronicles of a cheapskate 685
2008.07.02 Sometimes a good neighbor is just one move away 706
2008.06.18 Potato chip or sardine, how old will I feel? 661
2008.06.04 Political season drones on 634
2008.05.21 Have your teeth been feeling hard enough lately? 663
2008.05.07 Two hundred columns 689
2008.04.23 Did you help to save the Earth yesterday? 759
2008.04.09 How old is that mayo on the shelf? 682
2008.03.26 She gets by with a lot of help from her fans 718
2008.03.12 Will anyone remember the lame "Blizzard of 2008?" 758
2008.02.28 Following dollar bills easier than tracking people 741

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