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2011.04.20 Maybe it’s time I start ignoring product labels 395
2011.04.06 Animals rule the news, with a dumb human or two 462
2011.03.23 Toledo publishers find unique way of making crime pay 1110
2011.03.09 Ice storm ends one streak and starts a new one 430
2011.02.23 There’s something really smelly about these tires 455
2011.02.09 Grab your checkbook, and let’s go car shopping 388
2011.01.26 Real winter just a check and plane flight away 354
2011.01.12 Taking and giving a lesson in Ohio history 313
2010.12.29 Another year of fun and such bites the dust 349
2010.12.15 It’s not Christmas without a stupid gift or two 326
2010.12.01 Hamburger pilgrimage seems like a tasty, well-done idea 354
2010.11.17 New Red Menace coming to produce section near you 364
2010.11.03 Alas, poor Pontiac has joined the automobile graveyard 357
2010.10.20 If your car overheats, don’t call an ad agency 481
2010.10.06 Scared of the dark? Buying a lamp might be scarier 360
2010.09.22 "Summer of Bedbugs" is a good time to stay home 396
2010.09.09 “L.A. Woman” CD: Should Mr. Mojo stay or should he go? 394
2010.08.25 More fun and foolishness, straight from The Factoid File 372
2010.08.11 Annoyed by noise? Would a big check make you feel better? 382
2010.07.28 Maybe he should have just stayed with a 4x4 453
2010.07.14 Ghosts or tornados, no dull moments while sleeping 462
2010.06.30 Forget eating Spam, and I'm not sure about Jello, either 433
2010.06.16 Singing the praises of Chevy versus Chevrolet 433
2010.06.03 No kidding - Cartoon characters are not real 473
2010.05.19 Ernie Harwell leaves behind a thousand stories 464
2010.05.05 Another store closing means more weird bargains 436
2010.04.21 Search for new favorite restaurant off and running 404
2010.04.07 Spring cleaning reveals my normalcy or lack thereof 419
2010.03.24 A surprise in store while vacationing by newspaper 550
2010.03.10 Facebook: work of the Devil (or someone even more evil) 495
2010.02.24 New almanac means even more useless knowledge 519
2010.02.10 Funeral tune raises thoughts about Norman Greenbaum 806
2010.01.27 Animal tales alternately interesting, funny and sad 490
2010.01.20 After Christmas bargains sometimes more than they seem 464
2009.12.30 2009 a big year for Camaros, rutabagas, kookaburras and cats 496
2009.12.16 As seen on TV gadgets fight for Christmas supremacy 424
2009.12.02 Would 10-year-old donuts get me a reality show? 430
2009.11.18 Deer in the roadway may be least of worries 428
2009.11.04 Bad comics survive death of pop culture leader 420
2009.10.21 Cookie-starved professors latest victims of slow economy 496
2009.10.07 Is it too late to start lying about my age? 445
2009.09.23 Where is Miss Manners when we need her most? 459
2009.09.10 Avoid the fair crowds and visit a lonely local cow 501
2009.08.26 My dream life is way less boring than my real one 448
2009.08.12 There's more than one way to create a clunker 505
2009.07.29 Lots more trash where that one came from 462
2009.07.15 I went to Hell and survived to tell 482
2009.07.01 How much news can happen in one week? 463
2009.06.17 Digital television comes to my analog world 438
2009.06.03 "Miracle Teddy" joins childhood bear in my fantasy world 455

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