4-H scholarships awarded 2011.07.27

Written by David Green.

Fulton County 4-H has announced the following recipients for the 2011 Fulton County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarships: 

Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education—Clay Burkholder; Cook Memorial and Recognition Award—Nicholas Wilcoxon; Clark Biddle Holstein Scholarship—Kira Andre; Biddle Scholarship for Career Public Speaking—Nicholas Wilcoxon; Biddle Scholarship for High School Grads or College Students in Education—Tori Nichols;

Biddle Scholarship for High School Grads or College Students in Science and Technology—Erica Goldsmith; Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education—Miranda Blaylock; Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science and Technology—Amber Gombash; 4-H Horse Council Scholarship—Danielle Baker, Samantha Thompson and Tanya McQuillin; 4-H King and Queen Scholarship—Michael Baker and Amy Miller.

To be eligible for the scholarships, 4-H members—present or past—must fill out an application, and are then selected based on 4-H projects, community activities, 4-H experiences, and their long-range career goals.

  • Front.batter
    THE DERBY—Tyler “Smallpox” Flakne of Minnesota’s Home Run League All-Stars goes for the fence Friday night during the National Wiffle League Association’s home run derby in Morenci. This year the wiffleball national tournament moved from Dublin, Ohio, to Morenci’s Wakefield Park. During the derby, competitors had two minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. The winner this year finished with 21. See page 6 and 7 for additional photos.
  • Front.green Screen
    OUT OF THIS WORLD—Elizabeth McFadden and Elise Christle pose in front of the green screen as VolunTeen Noah Gilson makes them appear as though they are standing on the Moon. More photos from the Stair District Library’s NASA @ My Library program are on page 12.
  • Front.snake
    Lannis Smith of the Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann Arbor shows off a python last week at Stair District Library's Summer Reading Program.
  • Front.fireworks
    FIREWORKS erupt Saturday night over Morenci’s Wakefield Park during the waning hours of the Town and Country Festival. Additional festival photos are inside.
  • Pipeline Spread
    LINED UP—Lengths of pipe were put in place last week along the route of the Rover natural gas pipeline that will stretch from Defiance, Ohio, to Ontario, Canada. Topsoil was removed before the pipes were laid out. The 42-inch diameter pipeline is scheduled for completion in November.
  • Front.F.school
    PROGRESS continues on the agriculture classroom addition at Fayette High School. The project will add 2,900 square feet of space and include an overhead door that would allow equipment to be driven inside. The building should be ready for the start of school in August. Work on ball fields and a running track is also underway.
  • Front.rock Study
    ROCKHOUNDS—From the left, Joseph McCullough, Sean Pagett and Jonathan McCullough peer through hand lenses to study rocks. The project is part of Morenci Elementary School’s summer camp that continues into August.

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