If I could give the world a gift... 2009.12.23

Written by David Green.

Mrs. Elliott's first grade students think about a gift to give the world:

If I could give the people in the world a gift I would give them money so they could buy food and clothes and be happy and love each other. I would build houses and a city and cars and apartments so they could build more cars.
– Riley Williams
If I could give the world a gift I would give the world homes, because some people don’t have homes. I would give the world more land for the animals because animals don’t have much land for them to live.
– Walker Whitehouse

If I could give the world a gift I would clean the trash on the ground so the world could be pretty and the world would be a better place. The world would be a better place because it would be clean. I would build a jungle gym without electricity and a jungle gym for the animals. 
– Ava Webster

If I could give the world a gift I would give it some plants and some love. I would pick up some trash. It would be so fun if I gave it some love and some plants and picked up the trash.
– Austin Walker

If I could give the world a gift I would give it a family, because everybody needs a family and a home, too.  Everybody needs a home and I would clean the world, too. 
– Kennedy Varga

If I could give the world a gift I would keep the world healthy. Then I would give away stuff that kids need like snow pants and boots and hats. I would give the stuff to keep kids warm for the winter. 
– Larkyn Swimmer

If I could give the people of the world a gift I would give them food to eat and a school to learn and water to drink so they would not die. I would give them a city to live in and a car to go places. 
– Angel Orrante

If I could give the world a gift I would give it more trees and more plants and make rivers. I would keep it clean and safe. I do not want the world to die. That would be bad for us. 
– Gregory  Moore

If I could give the world a gift I would make our world clean and healthy. Our plants would grow and I would help clean the world and the earth, so we can make it fun. We can make plants grow. I don’t want our plants to die. 
– Jazmin Martinez

If I could give the world a gift I would love them, even God, too, and even Jesus, even the one who makes the rain come down. The world is nice and clean, very clean. I like the world.  Mother Nature is the best we like. The world is nice to us. 
– Alexis Mapes

If I could give the world a gift I would clean the earth up so it can be healthy. I would plant flowers in the park to make the park smell good. I would clean up the litter by my house, because I love the world so so much. It is good for our planet. I will give the world clean water, because I want the people of the world to have clean cool and fresh water to drink. 
– Breanne Lonis

If I could give the world a gift I would give the world a big clean-up. I love the world. 
– Brianna Heinze

If I could give the world a gift I would pick up everything that is trash. I would grow plants in a cup and when they were big I would put them in the world. I would plant flowers and tomatoes and carrots and all of the vegetables and plants. I would make it healthy. I don’t want the world not healthy. I want it healthy, so the world will be happy and healthy. 
– Alexis Harvey

If I could give the world a gift I would pick up the trash everywhere. I would give people cozy clothes and boots and socks. I would give people food and vegetables and fruits. I would give people fresh water. I would give the people happiness.
– Payton Hallett

If I could give the world a gift I would give it more plants. I would build a wheel that would make power. I would make more crops to feed all the people on the planet. I would make an orphanage for all the kids that don’t have homes. I would build houses for people who are poor and don’t have houses. I would build a playground out of plastic bottles so then we wouldn’t have to use the world’s trees. 
– Eathen Edwards

If I could give the world a gift I would grow some trees because it will help us breathe. I would give good and healthy and clean water. I would give each family a house. I would give a smile, and pets, and clothes and toys and food and lights, and life and school and night and morning. 
– Mariel Cuayahuitl

If I could give the world a gift I would be a good friend with our family. It is so fun being good to help family. I am good because I want to be. I would give toys. I like being friends with the earth. It is so fun to be good to the earth.
– Omar Cortes-Otero

If I could give the world a gift I would give the world toys, or a TV, or a clock. I would make beautiful gowns for the Homecoming Queen or handsome tuxedos for the Homecoming King.
– Mary Margaret Cool

If I could give the world a gift I would try to look for trash.  A lot of people don’t care about the world, but I do. At Boy Scouts my friends and I went on an old road with trash bags and picked up the trash. I know the world is more special than a video game. Without the world, there would be nobody. 
– Clayton Amos

  • Play Practice
    DRAMA—Fayette schools, in conjunction with the Opera House Theater program, will present two plays Friday night at the Fayette Opera House. From the left is Autumn Black, Wyatt Mitchell, Elizabeth Myers, Jonah Perdue, Sam Myers (in the back) and Lauren Dale. Other cast members are Brynn Balmer, Mason Maginn, Ashtyn Dominique, Stephanie Munguia and Sierra Munguia. Jason Stuckey serves as the technician and Trinity Leady is the backstage manager. The plays will be performed during the day Friday for students and for the public at 7 p.m. Friday.
  • Front.F.school
    PROGRESS continues on the agriculture classroom addition at Fayette High School. The project will add 2,900 square feet of space and include an overhead door that would allow equipment to be driven inside. The building should be ready for the start of school in August. Work on ball fields and a running track is also underway.
  • Front.rover
    CLEARING THE WAY—Road crossings in the area on the construction route of the Rover natural gas pipeline are marked with poles and flags as preliminary work nears. Ditches and field entry points are covered with thick planks in many areas to support equipment for tree clearing operations. Actual pipeline construction is progressing across Ohio toward a collecting station near Defiance. That segment of the project is expected to wrap up in July. The 42-inch line through Michigan and into Ontario is scheduled for completion in November. The line is projected to transport 3.25 billion cubic feet of natural gas every day.
  • Front.geese
    ON THE MOVE—Six goslings head out on manuevers with their parents in an area lake. Baby waterfowl are showing up in lakes and ponds throughout the area.
  • Accident
    FAYETTE resident Patricia Stambaugh, 64, was declared dead on the scene of a single-vehicle accident Friday morning south of Morenci. Rescue units were called around 9 a.m., but as of Tuesday, law enforcement officers had not yet determined the time of the accident. According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, Stambaugh was driving west on U.S. 20 when her Chevrolet Malibu traveled off the north side of the road and down a steep embankment, coming to rest in Bean Creek (Tiffin River).
  • Front.teacher Leading
    PRESCHOOL MUSIC—Fayette band director Jeffrey Dunford spends the last half hour of the day leading the full-day preschool class in musical activities. Additional photos are on page 7 of this week’s Observer.
  • Front.poles
    MOVING EAST—Utility workers continue their slow progress east along U.S. 20 south of Morenci. New electrical poles are put in place before wiring is moved into place.
  • Face Paint
    FUN NIGHT FUN—Savanna Miles sits patiently while Abbie White works on a face paint design Friday during the Morenci PTO Fun Night. Gracie Snead watches the progress after having spent time in the chair. Abbie was one of several volunteer painters, each creating their own unique look. Additional photos are on the back page of this week’s Observer.

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