2010.02.03 Lorene Whitehouse: Morenci Area Hospital

Written by David Green.

To the people of Morenci and surrounding area:

The buildings in downtown Morenci are for the most part a hundred years old or more. They have survived and are obviously still useful.

The Morenci Area Hospital at half that age is due to be torn down and be replaced by a new building for the “current needs.”

The existing structure was built with money given by Ray Herrick of Tecumseh Products, plus many monetary gifts by companies and individuals of the area: Lyons, Fayette, Waldron and of course, Morenci. Mr. Herrick insisted that it be built of Indiana limestone, an expensive but superior building material.

My question is: Why tear down a building of this quality when there are other uses that it could serve? Apartments, offices, museum etc.

 – Lorene Whitehouse

Adrian, Mich.

  • Front.splash
    Water Fun—Carter Seitz and Colson Walter take a fast trip along a plastic sliding strip while water from a sprinkler provides the lubrication. The boys took a break from tie-dyeing last week at Morenci’s Summer Recreation Program to cool off in the water.
  • Front.starting
    BIKE-A-THON—Children in Morenci’s Summer Recreation Program brought their bikes last Tuesday to participate in a bike-a-thon. Riders await the start of the event at the elementary school before being led on a course through town by organizer Leonie Leahy.
  • Front.drum
    on your mark, get set, drum!—Drew Joughin (black shirt), Maddox Joughin and Kaleea Braun took the front row last week when Angela Rettle and assistants led the Stair District Library Summer Reading Program kids in a session of cardio drumming. The sports and healthy living theme continued yesterday with a Mini Jamboree at Lake Hudson State Park arranged by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Next week’s program features the Flying Aces Frisbee show.
  • Front.art.park
    ART PARK—A design created by Poggemeyer Design Group shows a “pocket art park” in the green space south of the State Line Observer building. The proposal includes a 12-foot sculpture based on a design created by Morenci sixth grade student Klara Wesley through a school and library collaboration. A wooden band shell is located at the back of the lot. The Observer wall would be covered with a synthetic stucco material. City council members are considering ways to fund the estimated $125,000 project and perhaps tackling construction one step at a time.
  • Front.train
    WRECKAGE—Morenci Fire Department member Taylor Schisler walks past the smoking wreckage of a semi-truck tractor on the north side of the Norfolk and Southern Railroad tracks on Ranger Highway. The truck trailer was on the south side of the tracks

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